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Jurassic World: The Next Big Thing?

We spend a good deal of time (and we suspect that you might too, if you’re anything like us…) wondering what the next big thing in the world of pokies might be. What will be the title that 2016 is remembered for? What are the pokies that we will still be playing in five or ten years’ time, and that we won’t believe were released all the way back in 2016?

Well, it could be that this year’s blockbuster release is a huge movie tie-in from Microgaming: a bet that you wouldn’t have got very long odds on at all in January. With a long history of excellence in exactly these sorts of pokies behind them, and even with a big pokie hit tied to a previous film in the same franchise, all the factors look like they’re in Microgaming’s favour. So look out for Jurassic World the pokie, scheduled to land some time this year, and already creating considerable buzz with its heavy footsteps.

You can be fairly confident that Microgaming will come up with the goods on this one, too, so we’re expecting to see Jurassic World quickly become a fan favourite. There is a danger that the software developer won’t want to break too much new ground – after all, Jurassic Park was a massive hit. But pokies fans are a discerning breed these days, and the bar is set pretty high, so we suspect Microgaming have been working hard on Jurassic World, and that they’ll want it to make quite a splash. Expect the very best in bonus features and animated cutaways at the very least – best case scenario, this could be a pokie that we’re talking about for a long time to come. Watch this space for more, and for a full review when we get to have a go on it!

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