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July's Catch Of The Month

Pokies have never been more mobile. With online casinos moving to your iphone, smartphone, tablet or whatever else you’re carrying in your pocket, and more and more pokies appearing in mobile format all the time, the days of not being able to get online and enjoy a pokie are pretty much in the past. You’d have to get somewhere really remote, where there’s no chance of a phone signal – in the outback maybe, or out in a boat for a bit of deep-sea fishing.

All that seems like a lot of hassle, mind you, especially when, with the newest Microgaming pokie hitting online casinos in July, you can pretty much get the deep sea fishing experience in pokie format anyway. Sure, there’s no ocean spray hitting your face, and you don’t get the day out on the water, but there’s a real chance of landing a serious prize with Reel Spinner, and it’s not a half bad pokie to play, either.

It would be fair to say that Microgaming have not re-invented the reel (see what we did there?) with this pokie, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in our book. What you’re not getting with Reel Spinner (and we can’t say we were expecting it, either) is the big-brand movie tie-in package from Microgaming. There are no glossy cut-away scenes here, and there are no famous faces on the reels. What you are going to get from Reel Spinner (and what we have always expected from Microgaming pokies) is quality. This pokie is colourful, clean, smooth and fun to play. The basic game is at the low end of the volatility scale, but that’s not where the big prizes are: if you want to reel in a monster jackpot, you’re going to have to wait for three scatters to land in the reels, giving you access to the bonus round. With free spins (picked at random by you) and a multiplier (also random), the wins can really mount up in the bonus round, making this pokie much more generous than it would otherwise be.

All in all, a good new addition to Microgaming’s portfolio. Nothing flash, mind you, but a solid effort and the sort of high quality we’ve come to expect. You’ll find Reel Spinner at Microgaming-backed online casinos like Jackpot City and Gaming Club, and we recommend you give it a go next time you get the chance!

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