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Jackpot City Casino to offer Paypal deposits

Security is a primary concern whenever you do anything online Ė thatís the simple fact of the matter. Especially when youíre transferring money, the last thing you want is to have the hassle of sorting out any confusion. Or, even worse, risk losing your hard-earned cash in some sort of online scam (which are sadly more common that anyone would like).

Itís fortunate that the online casinos Ė especially the ones that we recommend on the site Ė are very much dedicated to making sure you stay safe when youíre online. Confidence is a fragile thing, and the very best online casinos work hard to ensure you never have cause to doubt their security measures.

One way you can make sure that youíre insulated from most of the problems associated with online transactions is through the use of an e-wallet like Poli or Neteller. What these effectively do is add another level of security to your online transactions by dealing with websites on your behalf.

The advantage is that you only need to transfer money to one place Ė the e-wallet Ė and you can be sure that youíre secure when collecting money from it. That way, you know to be suspicious of any request for your bank or personal details.

And thereís one e-wallet thatís bigger than any other, and more often used, too. Thatís Paypal Ė the biggest name in the world of e-wallets. Anyone who has had a go at ebay will know Paypal, and will likely have a positive impression of the service they provide to literally millions of customers worldwide.

So itís a good sign that Jackpot City Casino is starting to accept Paypal payment. Paypal is accepted in 190 countries worldwide (there are only 206!), so itís a genuinely international option for an online casino like Jackpot City, which is a site with a strong reputation.

Weíll be interested to see if this new partnership is one that catches on Ė it wouldnít be a bad thing, by any stretch of the imagination, for major online casinos to include Paypal in their lists of accepted e-wallet options. Thatís not to say that the options available arenít varied, or that they arenít completely secure. And the Jackpot City deal with Paypal only applies at present to players based in the UK, as we understand it.

But we think itís a positive step, and weíre looking forward to seeing more first rate online casinos adopting Paypal, as it provides a safe, well-known and easy-to-use money transfer service to players, and especially to players who favour memberships at more than one online casino...

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