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iPad Casinos for Australia - Explained

There’s no question that the iPad has been a success – when it was released back in January, more than 3 million of them were sold in just 80 days. But how has the gaming industry responded to the new platform, and what does the iPad bring to mobile gambling in Australia?

Mobile gambling has become more and more popular throughout the Pacific, and here in Australia, over the last 18 months, but it is still a new alternative to PC-based online casinos.

Mobile casino platforms have come and gone with varying degrees of success: now Apple has joined the race with their iPad casino app, and it could be that this is the solution for you...

It has been possible for a while to get access to online Casino Games on your smartphone or iPhone Casino – and it has been a big advantage to gamblers here in Australia to be able to access their favourite games on the move.

The iPad offers you the same, and with the iPad casino you can get so much more, too. The iPad casino gives you access to All Slots Casino’s mobile platform – not just individual games but the whole casino experience.

We’ve reviewed All Slots before on the site, and it’s one of the online casinos we’re happy to recommend (and that caters directly to players in Australia). It is an online casino that sets high standards. And it hits those high standards as an iPad Casino, too.

The iPad’s graphics are good enough to make the iPad casino experience a good-looking one, and there’s plenty of processing power, too, so it’s a smooth ride through the wide choice of games.

All said and done, the iPad casino is a step forwards for mobile gaming in Australia – putting as it does a whole casino at your fingertips, wherever you are...

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