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Inspired To Launch Tyson Pokie

If you can be sure of anything, you can be sure that a man who is prepared to have a tattoo inked onto the greater part of his face is going to be worth watching. And Mike Tyson has made a career, in the ring and out of it, out of being a very watchable, larger-than-life character. Software developer Inspired, then, will be hoping that they can bottle a little bit of that crazy Tyson magic for their new Rush Boxing range of games – including a pokie that we’re expecting to see arriving soon at all of our favourite online casinos.

We’re not seeing too many details emerging specifically about the pokie itself, but it will be just one of a range of products under the name Rush Boxing. Also included in these will Virtual Rush Boxing, for which Tyson has apparently done extensive motion capture work already, so we’re hoping that when the pokie lands it will feature Tyson and his moves pretty heavily, setting it apart from many of the very best pokies on the market, let alone in the sports niche. We’re also hoping that this will be a well-presented but edgy new addition to the pokies scene – we figure there’s not much point signing up a big-name loose cannon like Tyson just to put his picture on a bland, generic pokie.

So expect us to be looking out for Rush Boxing, and expect to see a review in these pages once we’ve had a chance to give it a go. In the meantime, we’re not sure which of our favourite online casinos will feature this new pokie, so we’re just going to have to keep up to speed with all the new arrivals at casinos like Spin Palace, Gaming Club and All Slots – no great hardship, of course, but someone’s got to do it...

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