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How to win at Roulette - what is the Martingale system?

Roulette gamblers will often talk of the Martingale system as a route to sure fire casino winnings. Yet as with all betting strategies and gambling systems, one has to understand the odds and staking plans before staking any real money

Originating in 18th century France, the Martingale system manifested itself in the most simple of formats - tossing a coin and betting on heads or tails. If you were betting on heads then you would do so for the duration of the wagering and not deviate from your selection. In simple terms, the bettor would double his stake after every losing bet continuously until heads came up.

The mathematics of the theory are more complex when applied to Roulette as there are 3 possible outcomes; Red, Black and Green (Zero). With Green being the "house edge" for the Casino as it removes the true even money, or 1-1 chance, of the coin toss, or in this case the black or red selection.

Gambling strategists have discussed the merits and mathematics of the Martingale system for decades and most now finally agree that it only works if you posess infinite wealth, which of course no one does.

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