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Highway To The Danger Zone

We canít believe we missed it. It seems an almost unforgivable lapse, looking back.

In November of last year, a pokie arrived on the scene that you need to know about, and that we would have brought to your attention much sooner, if weíd known. Fortunately, we havenít lost it forever: Playtechís Top Gun pokie is out there right now, making fans of the original film very happy as we speak, and maybe even giving youngsters who havenít seen the cult classic the need, the need for speed...

Smoother than Maverickís pick-up lines, and more exciting than racing a jet on your motorbike, this new Top Gun pokie is some seriously good work from Playtech. Weíre even prepared to live with the fact that Tom Cruise himself is missing from the reels (Top Gun, in 1986, was the film that made him the extremely expensive superstar that he is today). Why? Because this is a great pokie that pays out quite nicely, thank you very much, even before you consider the extra payout from the Turbo Mode and the Dogfight Wilds. And, more than that, because of the awesome soundtrack thatís playing behind this pokie as you spin the reels. As a piece of nostalgia, this is a pokie that will have you reaching for your aviator shades and wondering where you put that old leather jacket you used to have. Fortunately, Playtech have made a great pokie as well as a nostalgic hit, and so weíre happy to recommend it for the gameplay as much as for the theme. But mostly the theme. I mean Ė itís Top Gun, and just a couple of spins are enough to make you want to get oiled up and play some volleyball with Val Kilmer...

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