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High Stakes Pokie Machines Hit Star Casino, Sydney

High stakes casino players might just be heading to Star City casino to try their hand at some new high roller pokie machines. The famous casino venue in Sydney has begun to roll out the new high stakes pokies with an upper limit of $500 per spin.

68 new machines have been installed on the gaming floor at the Casino and may only be played by regular club members, in effect making the pokies a VIP gambling private gaming area.

The $500 limit is 50 times the normal $10 maximum pokie stake in NSW, but the Casino has an agreement in NSW which allows up to 250 of the high stakes machines.

Whilst most casino visitors in Australia are restricted to low stakes pokies, there are a new breed of high staking gamblers turning to Online Pokies. Online gamers can choose from an array of different online casinos from the comfort of their home, without having to travel to major cities to play for bigger stakes

There are 3 great advantages to playing pokies online; better odds, bigger jackpots and new player sign up bonuses. As online operators don't have the same fixed costs as a land based casinos they can afford to give more back to the punter, and increasingly, Aussie Casino players are going to established sites such as Jackpot City where they can get a new player bonus of up to $500 to stake on over 300 different pokie machines.

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