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Get 500 Free Spins Now At All Slots!

Every now and then a deal comes along that really makes us stop and look twice. It’s rare enough in the world of the modern online casino – with all the deals, bonuses and much more on offer – that a promotion particularly catches our eye.

But there’s one on now at All Slots Casino: get yourself 500 free spins on one of your choice of popular big-time pokies, just for signing up. You read that right. 500 free spins. So if you’re not already an All Slots member, then you could do a lot worse than follow this link – All Slots Online Casino – and get registered. All you need to do then is pick your favourite pokie, and you’re in business.

There are three Online Pokies included in the deal: Tomb Raider: Sword of Shadows, Starlight Kiss and the excellent Gold Factory. What we love about this promotion is that these three are pokies that we would be playing anyway, and we’re hardly alone, judging by how popular all three have been, and continue to be, at great online casinos like All Slots.

Tomb Raider, of course, is one of those huge iconic pokies that are always the first to appear on the adverts that the online casinos use to bring in new business – and rightly so, because this is a pokie whose theme won’t disappoint, whose graphics are second to none, and whose gameplay will keep you interested for a good long while.

It’s saying something, then, that the other two pokies – Starlight Kiss and Gold Factory – are just as popular, and just as good. This is actually a difficult decision between the three – and you’ll just have to go with personal taste. Tomb Raider is a glossy new pokie, Starlight Kiss is a classic, and Gold Factory has a well-earned reputation for regular, massive jackpot payouts.

And, best of all, once you’ve made the most of the 500 free spins deal, you’ll be a member of one of the best and most popular online casinos around. All Slots is an online casino that we would recommend to anyone, and with no hesitation at all. There’s a huge selection of pokies and Casino Games on offer, and All Slots are careful to make sure they treat their members right, offering the very best in online security and deposit options, as well as top-drawer customer service.

So follow the link to All Slots Online Casino today, make the most of your bonus spins, and then settle in to enjoy your membership of one of the best casinos available online!

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