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Essentials: Authenticity

Security is a concern when you’re online. That’s just a fact of life. It’s hardly the hardest thing in the world to glance through a paper or flick through the news channels and find stories about online fraud and the various other risks we all face when we’re transferring money online.

We’ll cover the actual security credentials of our favourite online casinos in another of these articles, but this week we’d like to focus in on one of the ways you can be more clear about where you stand with an online casino, and one of the best ways of ensuring you’re safe when depositing or collecting money online: making sure that your online casino of choice is authentic.

By authentic we mean that is better by far to put your trust in an established, accredited, reliable online casino than in one that you aren’t entirely confident of. But how can you tell the good ones from the bad ones?

First of all, look for any accreditations that the online casino might have. eCOGRA is a mark of a high standard within the industry, and you can be confident wherever you see its logo. Look, too, for the company details. Online casinos that are registered and licensed out of recognised and trusted authorities are obviously more trustworthy – look out for Gibraltar, Malta and Khanawake, but there are others.

The conditions of the gambling license in those authorities will require careful oversight, and you can play in confidence because of that. Look, as well, for the company’s status. An online casino that is part of a big, reputable parent company or group is one that you can more easily trust, and one that is listed on the London Stock Exchange, for instance, will have undergone incredible scrutiny long before you log on to play your favourite Online Pokies.

And remember the power of the internet. We recommend a dozen or so online casinos that we have absolute confidence in on this site (they’re excellent online casinos, too, of course, with all the Casino Games and pokies that you could ever need or want, plus great deals and loyalty schemes), and we’re not the only people out there with opinions.

If you’re in any doubt, you needn’t just take our word for it – a google search for the online casino you’re considering will quickly throw up any number of (usually very vocal) critics and supporters, and you can use their opinions as a guide to what issues you might need to consider. Some of them might scare you a little, but that’s the internet for you!

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