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Essentials: Accessibility

In our continuing series of the things to look for in your online casino of choice, we’re going to look at Accessibility this week. This might not seem like such a huge issue as security or the choice of games that’s on offer at a site, but it’s something that we’ve learned the hard way, and it can often be the mark of a quality online casino.

When we talk about Accessibility we’re talking about the honesty and the transparency of an online casino, and it boils down to this: if you’re at all unsure of what’s going on, or where you stand, then the online casino’s Accessibility could be better...

There are a few key areas where you’ll notice if an online casino makes the grade in terms of Accessibility. One is the games themselves. When you’re playing an online casino game for the first time, you want know the rules.

This might seem like an obvious thing to point out, but there’s more than just the old classics available at top online casinos these days, and so you need to be able to familiarise yourself with whatever game you’ve picked.

A first-rate online casino like Spin Palace Casino will offer literally dozens of variations on a game like Roulette, and the number of Video Poker options on offer is just staggering. For each variant, or each new pokie, especially the modern ones with their entertaining but sometimes complicated bonus rounds, you need to be able to find the rules easily.

Next up are the banking arrangements. You will always want to know that your hard-earned cash is safe when you’re playing at an online casino, but equally important is knowing what you can or can’t deposit and (more importantly!) collect and when you can do it. Also clear should be the e-wallets and the types credit and debit cards that are accepted: this is especially relevant for casino players here in Australia.

On a related note, you want to be absolutely clear about the conditions of any sign-up or deposit bonuses that come your way as you join or invest in an online casino. Most injections of bonus cash into your account will come with strings attached – often there will be a play-through requirement for the ‘free’ cash before you’re eligible to collect any winnings on it.

This should be clearly explained in a place that’s easy to find, and it will be at the best and most reputable online casinos. The same applies to promotions. These can be the most exciting thing at an online casino, and they give you a chance to really stack up your winnings.

Our particular favourites at the moment are the promotions that give you extra rewards just for playing the Casino Games and pokies that you’d be playing anyway! But, again, if you’re not clear what the rules of the promotion are, or the conditions that are attached to it, you should proceed with caution...

Of course, there’s a good way to clear up almost all of these concerns. A top-quality, reputable online casino (like the ones we recommend on the site) will have lots of Terms and Conditions pages clearly linked, and (even though they can be pretty dry reading) it pays to familiarise yourself with the main points at least.

You can take comfort, though, if you have any concerns at all, that if you’ve picked an online casino with high standards of customer service, there’ll be someone you can get hold of to straighten things out for you...

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