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Crown Resorts Heading For Sri Lanka

It feels like we report a lot on the comings and goings at Crown Resorts. They are the company making the big noise in the Australian Casino market, and it’s their owner James Packer who’s regularly busy making all the noise he can in the media.

Like it or not, the direction that Crown Resorts takes is likely to have a huge effect on the way we enjoy our trips to Australia’s excellent casinos and Australian Casino resorts. And, if we’re honest, we quite like the idea that an Australian company like Crown is a big player in the Asia-Pacific casino game, if not in the world – that way, we’re likely to keep a bit of the Australian feel that we know and love in our casino visits.

And we’re coming around to the idea of Crown Resorts’ new direction – creating what they call integrated casino resorts that, as well as featuring an excellent casino, include swanky hotels, stunning pools, lively bars and restaurants, plus theatres, golf courses and more besides.

So we were interested by news circulating this month about a possible expansion by Crown into Sri Lanka, with a proposed development right at the heart of the capital, Colombo.

Crown will be looking to invest nearly AU$400million into a waterfront ‘mixed development’, which is the code being used for a resort containing hotels, a casino and other attractions, too. There will be a rival, also in Colombo, to Crown’s development, but Packer and the other Crown executives will be hoping that by tapping into a fresh new market they’re not only bringing local dollars to the casino resort, but luring the international high-rollers through the doors, too.

Sri Lanka has seen a tourism boom since the end of a long civil war, and it’s rightly famed for its natural beauty, and Crown will be hoping that by throwing a casino into the mix, they’ll be creating a busy tourist destination.

We can think, though, of a few other places a little closer to home that have incredible natural beauty and excellent casino resorts – so we won’t be heading off to Sri Lanka to enjoy a Crown casino resort when we could do the same in Melbourne or Perth.

Of course, more success overseas for Crown could well result in more investment here in Australia, and if the popularity and the success of the newly-renovated Crown Perth is anything to go by, that would go down well. At the end of the day, we’re right behind any scheme that means better casinos here in Australia!

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