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Could Japan Be The Next Casino Revolution?

It goes without saying that the Casino Resorts in Australia exist in a very competitive environment. The Pacific is blessed with some of the very best casino destinations that tourists could ever hope to enjoy, and in abundance, too.

From Australia’s own excellent casino resorts – Crown Melbourne and Sydney’s The Star, come to mind immediately, but there are lots more – to Singapore’s exciting new casinos, and the hub at Macau that is now the biggest and busiest in the world, those of us on the Pacific Rim have never had it so good if we’re in the market for a holiday that involves a stay at a top hotel with all the trappings of a five-star resort, and the fun of a casino attached...

But there could be even more on offer, if legislation currently being debated in the Japanese Parliament becomes law. The proposal is a legalisation of gambling in Japan – at present only those crazy little machines called Pachinko are legal for gambling on, as well as the horses and some motorsports.

But a green light for more kinds of gambling would open the door to not only some brand new casino resorts in Japan, but online casinos based there and catering to the Japanese market. Which does make the Pacific an even more competitive environment for the casino resorts that we know and love, but that has in the past made them an extremely high quality collection of destinations for pokie lovers in Australia and elsewhere.

And in the future? We can only imagine that the competition will make the casino resorts better (and the online casinos, too, of course), and it might give us the chance to take a trip to Japan to stay in a shiny new luxury resort with its own casino!

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