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Challenges Facing Queensland Casinos

Chinese investor the ASF Consortium was last week given pre-approval for a casino development on the Broadwater coast that will be an ultra-luxury, six-star destination for casino lovers from Australia and all around the world. But the project will be closely monitored by the Queensland government (and rightly so) – along with a number of others that are in the works.

It seems that environmental concerns are right at the top of the list of difficulties faced by the Broadwater project, which would include a terminal for cruise liners. There are absolutely reasonable worries that a development of the size planned would have a huge impact on a long stretch of coastline, and it’s absolutely right that the Queensland Government handle the bid very carefully indeed.

Because it’s vital that any new casino developments in Australia are not only high-quality and appealing to visitors from at home and from overseas, but also sustainable. We don’t want to be building casinos this year only to tear them down or abandon them a few years on.

Queensland already has four of the thirteen casino licenses in Australia at the moment, but they must be liking the returns, because there are three projects on the cards, including a potential second casino for Brisbane.

Queensland Deputy Premier Jeef Seeney was careful to point out, though, that they would not be stand-alone casino resorts of the type we’ve seen developed over the past couple of years, and if they provide casino lovers with a different kind of experience, then we’re interested in taking a closer look at the proposals and in keeping an eye on how things pan out.

Mostly, though, we’re pleased by a couple of things in this process: first of all the care and attention that the Queensland Government seems to be investing in making sure that the casino development is right for Queensland.

There’s no sense licensing a casino that doesn’t improve the local economy as well as bringing in overseas dollars (and offering an excellent casino experience, of course!). Secondly, we’re really pleased to see investors queuing up to develop new casinos in Australia.

There’s stiff competition for Australian Casinos from all around the Pacific Rim and from the superb online casinos that offer the kind of convenience that was only a dream just twenty years ago. So it’s pleasing to see the casinos thriving and looking to expand – we’re all for it!

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