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Casinos Ready To Take Off On Smartphones In Australia

Is it time you took your gaming mobile?

The online gambling industry has never been shy of innovation. The strongest online casinos have sought new markets out, bringing new products in new ways to their customers. So if in the next couple of years we see a shift to smartphones and other hand-held devices, few would be surprised.

Least of all Aron Ezra, CEO of MacroView Labs in San Francisco – ‘we’re going to see a situation’s no longer an option...not to be present on mobile, given that more and more customers have said that they are comfortable spending money via their mobile devices, and due to how many people are consuming information via their mobile devices,’ he says. ‘Casinos are... always looking to raise the bar, they’re looking for the next big thing.’

MacroView Labs has been involved in developing smartphone applications and downloads since its founding in 2008, and handles developments for other industries, too. Ezra is confident this experience gives MacroView Labs an advantage in finding the right solutions for the online casinos.

It comes as no surprise that they are some of his most demanding clients: ‘...a lot of our early adopters were casinos, because a lot of those organizations have a mandate for looking closely at new technologies.’

It is an attitude that has already brought rapid growth and huge success to Casinos on mobiles, and it might be that same attitude that brings online gambling to your smartphone in the not-so-distant future...

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