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Casino free bonus cash adverts run by William Hill Casino

Last week, the British Advertising Standards Agency upheld a complaint regarding an advert for William Hill Casino which featured a deposit-match free online casino bonus deal.

The complaint? That the advert was misleading, and failed to inform potential customers that they would have to play through a much larger sum before they could claim any winnings on their £150 free bonus. If weíre absolutely honest, we werenít very surprised.

Also last week, over in California, Full Tilt Poker found themselves named in a civil suit brought by a group of their customers that contests, amongst other things, Full Tilt Pokerís legal right to charge them a tournament fee or take a rake from players.

This isnít the first case in the US that will have to try to define the exact legal authority online casinos have, and to test how binding their terms and conditions are.

From a Casino playerís perspective, the legal disputes can only help: it benefits customers to have more clarification of what free casino cash conditions can be attached to free bonus deals, of what the terms of a playerís membership of an online casino should be, and ultimately what the casinosí and the customersí rights are.

There are, for instance, lots of free bonus deals out there, and almost without exception, the terms and conditions associated with them fill yards and yards of text.

It can be frustrating to have to sort through all that information when youíre looking for the right deal to suit you. So will last weekís decision make a difference to the clarity with which the online casinos present the deals on offer?

We hope so, but a decision in the UK, and a court-case in the US, wonít have immediate or very far-reaching impact here in Australia, so donít expect any dramatic changes just yet.

For the time being, we can only recommend that if youíre looking for a long-term commitment to an Online Casino, and you want to take advantage of a free bonus deal, you make sure to read at least the key sections of the terms and conditions that apply.

These include the play-through requirements, as well as any time limit involved, and the conditions under which the casino can cancel your deal. Itís a good idea to make sure you collect as much information as possible before committing your Aussie dollars

That might mean checking into online casino forums for some testimonials, or speaking directly to the online casinoís customer support team. Itís safe to say the more information you have, the safer your decision will be...

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