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Card Counting in Casino Blackjack Games - Is It Legal?

Card counting is highly mathematical strategy used by Casino players who are trying to gain a statistical edge against the Casino, or the House as it is commonly known. As with all Casino Games, there is an in-built margin in favour of the Casino, which in the case of Blackjack is about 1% for the average player.

For more highly skilled players the house margin is often deemed to decrease to just about 0.5%. The use of card counting, theoretically, can erode the house margin and give the player the edge.

Card counting is, essentially, tracking and remembering the previous cards which have been revealed during the gaming session. Most importantly it is the ratio of high cards to low cards which card counters are seeking to capitalise on as it gives the player a more informed viw on what card will be dealt next. Bets can then be adjusted accordingly.

So is card counting illegal? This point is much discussed and has been raised in US courts several times. Basically, if the card counting is done purely in the mind of the player it is legal. If a technical device is used then it is deemed illegal. But the debate continues..

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