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Can a Social Media Casino Work?

Casino goers are sociable folk. Part of the thrill and the excitement of visiting and playing at a bricks-and-mortar casino resort is the chance to rub shoulders with other punters, watch their games playing out all around you, and to enjoy a bit of ‘us against the house’ camaraderie. And whilst the games at the best online casinos on the market are easily up to scratch when it comes to simulations of casino table games like Roulette and Blackjack (often giving players better, more convenient options than in real life), and even allowing for the very good live casino options now available, there’s still something lacking from the online casino experience that you get out in the real world.

The Social Side

That missing element is a chance to socialise with your fellow punters, software developer Entertainment Gaming Asia is betting, because that will be the major selling point of their new casino platform. We’re not entirely sure when they expect to release the software onto the market, but it will hit the Pacific Rim first, possibly including Australia, so punters here might well have an early chance to see what they think.

Virtual Chairs at Virtual Tables

For an example of how well a social casino platform might work, and for how popular it might be, you only need to look at the advances we’ve seen in Poker Rooms in recent years. The technology has come on leaps and bounds, and there is a genuine social element to games in them now – gone are the days when it felt like you could easily be playing against the computer. But a social casino poses its own problems, and solving them will be key to the success of this new concept. How will players queue for tables? How will they communicate with each other and with the dealer? We have lots of questions, and so far we haven’t seen that many answers.

The Silver Bullet

Solving those problems and creating a workable social casino format is an urgent order of business for Entertainment Gaming Asia, which has seen profits declining in recent times. The company needs a win, and something like this could potentially be huge. CEO Clarence Chung isn’t giving too much away at the moment: “We have developed this free-to-play, mobile, social games app for the pan-Asian market and intend to monetise it through the in-game sale of virtual coins that allow players to extend play time or accelerate their progress.”

So this time next year, when we’re talking about the newest big thing in the online casino world, it could be EGA’s social casino platform, Certainly, it’s a concept that has the potential to be huge. It is also an ambitious project that we’re interested to see unfold – watch this space!

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