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Brexit The Pokie

You might not have seen the news. It might not have featured on your facebook feed. But if you haven’t heard, there are things happening in Europe. We’re not talking about Iceland beating the Poms at soccer (though that was excellent), but about the Brexit. The Brits voted by a slim margin to throw their own country, and apparently the rest of the world, into chaos. With any luck the fallout won’t reach us here in Australia, except for one thing we’d like to see: a Brexit pokie.

Maybe we’re asking too much of the big software developers to think that they might be able to build a pokie (and especially one that’s up to their usual high standards) quickly enough to cash in on the Brexit news cycle. But it would be great if Microgaming, Playtech or one of their competitors could get something out there. We can picture it: with a big red bus with a dubious claim written on it, lots of waving flags, Nigel Farage’s ridiculous face, David Cameron looking sad – in our heads are all the images a pokie needs to fill the reels. Of course, Brexit the pokie would have to promise an enormous jackpot, but no-one knows whether it will be able to pay out…

On a serious note, though, there will be a period of genuine uncertainty in Europe, with knock-on effects all around the world. And whilst that won’t immediately affect you enjoying the best pokies at your favourite online casino, those online casinos and the companies who develop the pokies for them will have an eye on the situation – a change in the regulatory climate in some key European countries will almost inevitably create a ‘wait and see’ attitude. Hopefully that won’t mean that the new pokies stop arriving at online casinos any time soon – watch this space for more information as the dust settles…

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