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Blazing Cannons Come To Microgaming Poker

Our favourite Poker Rooms have changed over the past few years. It’s not like we’re the kind of hardcore grinders who only play big-stakes games with other ultra-serious players, but we do love the game, and we have really appreciated the chance to have a hand or two of Poker from the comfort of our own homes, no matter the time of day or night.

What we like, too, are the massive choice of excellent pokies on offer at our favourite online casinos – they never fail to raise a smile when we’ve got time for a spin or two of the reels. So imagine our excitement that Microgaming are working on developing a sort of middle ground between our games of Poker and the Online Pokies we love, with Blazing Cannons, their latest release.

When we said that the Poker Rooms are changing, we meant that they’re heading in a more fun direction. After legislation in the States that effectively prevented them from trading forced many (not to say all) online Poker providers to re-think their strategies, they came back stronger than ever before, mostly thanks to a fresh focus on bringing new players to the game.

We’re all for it if it gives someone their first game of Poker, and it seems like it has been a successful avenue for the Poker Rooms, and it has made them much more accessible than ever before. To the casual player, the Poker Rooms are much more fun places to be: much more welcoming, much more with their focus on the customer and their needs, and much more keen to innovate. Blazing Cannons is a great example of the new approach, as is the Fast-Fold Poker that it compliments so brilliantly.

It used to be that you had to wait at your chosen table whilst the rest of the players played out a hand that you had folded on. But the innovation of the new breed of Poker Rooms has dealt with that. With Fast Fold Poker, you can play as many as 300 hands an hour if you are so inclined, and now you can play the excellent Blazing Cannons in between hands.

If you have played and liked Angry Birds, then you know the format of Blazing Cannons: knock down towers of cards to collect and win golden tokens that translate directly into funds for your next hand of Poker. Brilliant. We love it, and plenty of others already do, all around the world. You should try it!

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