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Online Blackjack explained

Online Blackjack is based on the casino favourite. It is an iconic game, and the simple rules make it popular across the globe.

The rules of blackjack

The rules of Online Blackjack are identical to those used for real-world Casino Games. The aim of blackjack is to accumulate cards each with its own value in an attempt to obtain a score as close to, but not over, 21 points.

Gamers are dealt two cards to begin with. The score of these cards are combined to produce a total. Online casino players must then decide to either 'stand' or 'hit'. A further card is given if the decision to 'hit' is taken. If the value of this additional card takes the combined score of the hand over 21, the blackjack gamers has lost the match.

As long as they keep under 21 points, a player can choose to 'stand' at any time. This means that they will remain with an unchanged hand at that point in the game.

Once the option to stand has been taken, the dealer will begin drawing cards. Dealers adhere to strict house rules and, typically, the casino will stand on all 17s. A player has won the match if the house goes 'bust' (scoring over 21). Victory is also awarded to the gamer if the dealer is forced to stand on a 17.

Blackjack game types

There are many different Online Blackjack games available. These can range from traditional versions of the classic casino title to modern, bonus-filled varieties.

Traditional blackjack titles, similar in tone to the more authentic, no-frills roulette and Asian games available, accurately capture the mood and atmosphere of real-world settings. Many of these titles are set in a computer-generated casino, and usually have state-of-the-art graphics and sound effects. Online casino members will normally have the opportunity to listen to dealer commentary.

A number of Online Blackjack titles offer the chance to score additional bonus payouts, making them some of the most popular online card games available. In these titles, players are given the chance to place an additional bonus bet. Typically, these have the potential to pay out considerably more than traditional wagers. For instance, in a bonus game of Online Blackjack, a gamer may be given the opportunity to split a weak hand, or even, replace a weak double down card.

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