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Betfair arrives on the Apple iPhone

Betfair has just become the only major betting company to offer an app for download on the iPhone. The availability of the application on iTunes App Store marks a huge turnaround for Apple, the US electronics giant, to allow gambling apps on their platform.

The App gives access to Betfair's unique exchange product and makes it the only gambling application which can be downloaded on the iTunes/App Store network. It is thought that Apple have kept aware from online gaming (like sports book and Casino) due to US eGaming law.

Charles Palmer head of Betfair's mobile division said: "There were no terms and conditions about gambling. We approached Apple with the proposal and our app, showing it does the normal KYC and age verification."

The app cleverly uses GPS to ensure that the bet can only be placed from an approved territory. Initiailly, these will be the UK and Ireland.

"We have also added the ability to locate where the customer is. It can tell if you are in the UK or Ireland, and if youíre not, it won't function. We put that in there as an extra precaution - they didnít request that." he said.

Palmer also commented that he felt the development represented a 'unique' first for Betfair, given Apple's technological edge in the smart phone sector. Palmer felt that pushing Betfair on the Apple iPhone platform would be a great fit: "If people are going to bet on Betfair on the mobile, it's highly likely they are going to have the latest handset, so the demographic is going to sit well with Betfair."

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