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Australian Casinos Bringing In Chinese Dollars

Australia loves a pokie – that much has been clear since those little machines started flashing and beeping in the corners of pubs and social clubs all those years ago, and it has been decisively proved by the popularity of the online casinos that we recommend to you here at OCG.

Whether it’s the newest, shiniest video pokies with their cut-away scenes, thousands of paylines and HD graphics, or the old nostalgic lemons, melons and cherries, 7 in 10 Australians love to have a flutter on a pokie – and they won’t be changing their minds any time soon if the footfall at Australia’s excellent casino resorts is anything to go by.

But the face of those resorts has been changing for a few years now – much to the enthusiastic enjoyment of Australian Casino lovers – and what were once simply casinos have been redeveloped into casino resorts, featuring restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres and more as well as luxurious hotels and all the facilities that come with them.

And it’s all in an effort to draw more money to Australia’s casinos, specifically from China, where there are a growing number of potential tourists with dollars in their pockets and a love for pokies in their hearts.

It’s a great thing for Australian Casinos if it’s handled right. There are hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to be had by courting the gambling tourism trade, and Australia’s casinos are already first-rate – good enough to compete with the Macau casino hub, with Singapore’s hugely successful casinos, and with the new casino resorts planned in the Philippines, Japan and elsewhere.

And all those dollars will go into redeveloping Australia’s casino resorts, meaning that we will always have some of the best casino resorts in the world right on our doorstep. At least that’s what they should spend the money on, or we’ll be taking a break from our favourite Online Pokies and finding out who we need to write to so we can complain in the strongest possible terms!

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