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Australian Casinos Are More Mobile Than Ever

We love the mobile casinos. Just the concept of them alone has changed the way we view our Online Pokies and Casino Games. We never dreamed that one day we might be able to take our favourite pokies with us wherever we went, and have them on hand to play whenever we felt like.

Don’t get us wrong: we haven’t fallen out of love with the online casinos that we’ve been playing for what feels like years now. We’ve just found a new way to enjoy our pokies on the move, when we can’t be kicking back with the PC and visiting online casinos like Spin Palace Casino and The Gaming Club Casino.

And we’re not alone, according to recent research into the ways we like to get our pokies and Casino Games fix. According to figures published last week by Kantar Sport GB Syndicated Online Gambling Research (which, you’ll agree, is quite a name!), we’re seeing something of a watershed moment in the development of the mobile casino – a sort of coming of age if you’re inclined to mark these moments.

For the first time, more than half of online gamers are using a mobile device alongside their PC to visit their favourite online casinos and mobile casinos. Last year, 67% of online gamblers were doing it through their PCs alone, and that figure has crept into a minority (49%) in the intervening year. Now, what we’re not seeing necessarily is a mass migration away from the PC version of your favourite online casinos.

On the contrary, Online Pokies fans who use their PCs to access the games are still the biggest single group. That 49% still represents a huge number of discerning customers around the world who are making the best online casinos around very successful indeed.

There are just 15% of online gamers this year who are using only their smartphones to access Online Pokies and Casino Games. And between the two lies what we think is the most interesting demographic – lovers of online casinos and mobile pokies that have a PC and a smartphone and are prepared to use either or both to access their gaming, depending on mood, circumstances and, perhaps most of all, convenience.

It has to be admitted that the sheer choice of games on offer at an online casino far outstrips what’s available at even the very best mobile casino, and so the most reasonable approach, we think, is to hedge your bets, and to sort yourself with a membership to both an online casino (or two or three) and a mobile casino, too.

As we said above, we’re nowhere close to being alone in our attitudes if these new figures are anything close to reliable, and it could well be that those online gamers who’re making use of more than one platform to access their online casinos of choice will be the sweet spot for the online casinos, and will find themselves targeted for special treatment. We hope that’s the way it’ll go: watch this space for more news as we get it!

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