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Asian Smartphone Users Fuel Move To Mobile

Where European and North American gamblers currently favour the PC platform overwhelmingly, market research in Asia is starting to show that the reverse may be true in the Far East.

The sixth annual Mobile Life Survey, released earlier this year, shows some results that will further fuel the drive towards mobile casinos , likely with Asian casinos leading the way. The survey, conducted in 43 countries and including China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Japan, showed almost 2 billion mobile phones in use in those 8 countries, more than 200 million of them smartphones.

Better still, 34,000 consumer interviews showed that almost a third of mobile phone users intended to purchase a tablet mobile device in place of a PC, potentially opening up an enormous market for mobile Casino Games in Asia.

Remarkably, smartphones accounted for nearly nine in ten phones in Singapore, South Korea and Japan, and the number of android phones, in particular, looks set to continue growing. The survey also showed that half of Apple and Android users would be ‘very likely’ to stick with their chosen platform.

The survey will be welcome news to Asian casinos, who will no doubt look to bring Mobile Casino Games to iphones and android phones as soon as possible – it looks like smartphones and tablets will be the key to reaching gamblers in Asian markets in the future…

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