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Online casino guide to Asian games

Online casino players looking for a new experience can enjoy a range of exciting Asian games. These classic titles offer members something slightly different to their usual sessions of Online Blackjack or Online Roulette. Asian games, which are available in a number of online casinos, are very popular.

Asian games - standing the test of time

Many online casino Asian games are based on classical titles which have been enjoyed for centuries. It is a testament to their popularity that these Asian games are still enjoyed today.

The resilience of these titles stems from their simple gameplay. Many Asian games have limited rules, instead relying on fast-paced action and amazing cash prizes to attract players. Online casino members do not have to learn complicated techniques in order to enjoy these Asian games and fans of any experience level have the chance to claim amazing cash prizes.

Two popular Asian Games


Mahjong is a classic Asian game. This title, originally from China, gives online casino players the opportunity to win impressive cash prizes. An element of strategy is required for those hoping to triumph in this Asian game; online casino members must obtain similarly patterned tiles with the aim of collecting a set. This fast-paced title offers exciting gameplay and thrilling cash prizes!

Sic Bo

The popular Asian game Sic Bo gives players the chance to enjoy a traditional Chinese custom, as well as the opportunity to win amazing cash prizes. To play this classic take on the table games genre, online casino members must predict the score of three die rolls, placing their wager on 'big' or 'small' score outcomes. Big bets range from a score between 11 and 17, while small bets are a wager placed on a die outcome between four and ten. The simple rules of this Asian game make it very popular with a host of different players. Indeed, this title is easy to enjoy, while offering the chance to win an amazing selection of cash prizes.

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