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Allllrighty Then!

It’s the news that will have die-hard fans all around the world shouting ‘Shikaka!’ with joy – Jim Carrey’s zany 1990s animal sleuth Ace Ventura: Pet Detective has taken his rightful place amongst the pantheon of greats at your favourite online casino.

There might be some who question whether the detective, who a British poll in the 2000s voted ‘one of the most annoying characters ever’, deserves a place alongside The Dark Knight, The Hulk, Gladiator or any number of other high-profile pokies that have hit casinos in the past few years. But that just means they’re not having enough fun with their pokies. I mean, how many other detectives literally talk out of their ass? (Watch the footage again if you’ve forgotten the crazed performance of Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura – it has to be seen to be believed!)

And, it has to be said that Playtech have come up with the goods here in terms of the pokie itself. Like him or loathe him, Ace is the star of a top-drawer pokie these days – one with a host of characters you may or not recognise from the two Ace Ventura films and (much more importantly) showcasing some great features like ‘animal’ multipliers, free spins, bonus rounds and more besides. This is also a colourful, fun-to-play pokie that definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, and one that we think will be popular and stay popular for a good long time. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you probably should: as Ace would say: ‘I dare ya!’

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