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All Slots Climbing High

All Slots Casino is a big brand. Itís an online casino with a great reputation, and one thatís well-deserved. Itís a particularly good choice for pokies fans here in Australia, offering a massive choice of progressive pokies, video pokies, and some classic nostalgic Online Pokies, too.

But thereís more to All Slots than just the games: a top-quality website thatís a pleasure to navigate, some serious security measures that include a good choice of e-wallets, and first-rate customer service available 24/7 on a dedicated phoneline in Australia. Add to that the option of an awesome mobile casino to take with you when youíre on the move, and the All Slots package is looking like a pretty good one.

So no surprise, then, then theyíre seeing success Ė especially with their mobile casino. When the mobile casinos first arrived on the scene, and we were first getting used to the idea of being able to enjoy a pokie or casino game on our smartphones wherever we happened to be, the talk in the industry was all about the success of the mobile casinos being dependent on the support offered to them by their bigger, more established online casino cousins.

It might be unfair to the people whoíve put so much hard work into delivering those mobile casinos to say that has come true, but the support offered by the online casinos canít have hurt their chances.

Of course, you can rely on the online casinos to invest where the returns are likely to be, and one thing that the mobile casinos have done well is get themselves into a virtuous cycle where more available games means more customers which in turn means more revenue to re-invest and to provide more games.

Rinse, repeat, and you get the sort of success coming the way of All Slots Mobile Casino just at the moment: they have pushed themselves up into the top five most popular gaming Apps on the UK version of itunes. Expect more and better from All Slots Mobile Casino to consolidate that success Ė at the moment there are 36 Casino Games and pokies on offer on your smartphone, including the ever-popular Mega Moolah, which is currently the record-holder for biggest payout at a mobile casino ever!

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