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All Eyes On Singaporeís Casinos

Itís a success story that few would have predicted before they opened their doors. And there was definitely some pretty fierce opposition to them doing that in the first place.

But the two casino resorts in the tiny state of Singapore have been a runaway success, even in spite of a lousy global economy, and even accounting for the strict legislation that controls them. So what is it that makes the Singapore story one with a happy ending?

The focus for the two casinos in Singapore is tourism, not gaming. Thatís why they have called them casino resorts, and not simply casinos. The Macau casino hub dominates the true casino market: itís the biggest, and has the brightest lights. Itís the new Vegas, out-earning the Strip in terms of raw revenue, and in terms of punters through the doors.

But all eyes in the industry are on the two casino resorts in Singapore, and thereís a feeling that their model might be the future, especially for Australiaís casinos, who have to compete in a fiercely competitive Asia-Pacific market that includes both Singapore and Macau.

But with that competition comes huge opportunity, too, and the newly-rebranded Crown Resorts are positioning themselves to make the most of it. Part of the package at Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa are high-profile attractions like touring Bollywood shows, concerts, West End productions, fashion shows and more Ė Crown will be hoping that by raising their profile both internationally and here in Australia, they will earn themselves more red-carpet exposure, and draw more visitors to their casino resorts.

Weíre proud of Australiaís casinos, and itís only right that they are adapting to be as successful as they can be Ė and need to be Ė in a competitive market. But does anyone else pine for the days when a casino was just a casino? Maybe not when we get a look at the luxury and the razzle-dazzle on offer at Crown Melbourne these days, but thereís still a bit of our hearts that beats for a pokie machine alone...

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