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A Strong Year For 32Red

Licensed out of London and operating since way back in 2002, 32Red ticks all the boxes for Aussie pokie lovers who are looking for an authentic, established and high quality online casino. 32Red brings you all the best classic Casino Games and pokies on the market (almost certainly including all your favourites), on a very functional site, and across all the platforms you would expect from an up-to-the-minute online casino at the top of its game. If you’re on the lookout for quality pokies on your PC or on your mobile device, 32Red should be close to the top of your list.

So it’s no surprise, then, that this year has been another excellent year for 32Red, at least so far. We’re not normally drawn to the financial pages (the day seems altogether too short, and there are pokies to be played…), but we haven’t been able to avoid seeing news of 32Red’s success: in the first half of 2016, 32Red reported an 63% increase in net gaming revenue. That translates, to our untutored ears, to lots and lots of punters heading over to 32Red’s excellent online casino. And it means that when they get to the site, they’re very much enjoying the pokies and games they find. The news gets better and better for 32Red, too: all that revenue flowing through the site has resulted in a tidy £2million+ in profit (that’s just a little under 4 million dollars to you and me), which is pretty good going in the first half of the year.

We don’t mean to bore you with the financials too much, but they tell a pretty compelling story: things are going well at 32Red. We know for certain there are more than a few Aussie pokie lovers out there who are loving the 32Red site, and they’ll no doubt be part of the site’s success. And they’ll be happy with the other little bit of news that has found its way to us in recent weeks: 32Red and Microgaming have renewed their association, and the fresh contract, for the first time, allows 32Red to use other developers in addition to Microgaming. That sounds like a perfect arrangement to us: all of the best Microgaming pokies, and the best of the rest, too! That won’t hurt the numbers of pokie lovers landing at the 32Red site, and that in turn won’t hurt their revenues. Expect more healthy-looking financials from 32Red in the near future, then, and hopefully lots of excellent new pokies on the site, as well!

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