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A New Crown for Perth

After a renovation project that has run for eight years and that has cost a tidy AU$750million, Crown Casino Perth is ready to open its doors to the public, though its managers will be hoping that it is the VIP customers who are flocking to the newest of Australia casino resorts.

Built to lure those VIP gamblers from Australia and from overseas, and to meet the challenge of the online casinos (and increasingly of the mobile casinos), Crown Perth comes complete with a long list of facilities. Restaurants, bars, clubs and more will welcome Perth residents and tourists, and the Swan Room will hope to snare VIP gamblers with exclusive tables and unmatched views out over the Swan River.

Those VIPs will have the chance to stay in Crown Perth’s new mansion accommodation – the Casino Games resort has two of the ultra-luxury, exclusive pads, each costing as much as AU$11million to build, but designed to host VIP guests who will see that investment good in no time at all.

There are also plans to replace the existing golf course with a newly-designed one, adding yet another string to Crown Perth’s bow. It’s all part of the new generation of casinos – the integrated casino resorts – and Crown Perth will have to be right at the bleeding edge if it wants to compete in the hostile Asia-Pacific market.

Its competitors include the casinos of the Macau casino hub, and the two highly-successful Singaporean casinos that have shown growth even in recent uncertain times. Add to that a surge in new developments, across South-East Asia – in countries like Vietnam and Malaysia – and even in Russia, and Crown Perth will have to be at the top of its game to establish a reputation for excellence.

But simply being in Australia helps to set our casino resorts apart, and makes possible the sort of development we’re seeing in Perth. As James Packer puts it: ‘things like golf are part of trying to build a tourism destination that it is truly world class. We want to do much more here. We believe in this city, we believe in this state, we think as a company we are lucky to be here.’

We like the sound of that, and hope that it means that Crown Perth will aim to be a part of Perth, and a positive part of the city’s life, too. Crown Melbourne has been heavily involved in sponsorship of local sides – maybe we might even see a new logo on the Eagles’ shirts next year...

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