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A Mega New Record

A lot of the news we’ve been seeing of late has been about the mobile casinos that are bringing your favourite pokies right to you, wherever you are when you happen to fancy a go on one. With a shorter history than the online casinos that came before them, the mobile casinos have had some work to do in catching up with their older relatives, but, like any self-respecting precocious younger generation, they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

And in the news this month is further proof (if any were needed) that the mobile casinos are going to be serious players in the market in the very near future: a new record-breaking jackpot win on a very popular pokie. Mega Moolah is a name you’ll know if you’re into the pokies in any way at all, and it’s one that you should have tried by now, even if you aren’t. That’s how the winner of this latest enormous prize landed their jackpot: ‘DP’ (as they’re being called in the press releases) saw how big the jackpot was, and just couldn’t resist a quick spin or two. Lucky they did, because one of those spins was worth a record-breaking 8 million euros (that’s a little short of 12 million dollars to you and me). Not a bad return on a few moments of downtime on your mobile device!

And, with more and more of us looking to use our mobile devices to play our favourite pokies, you will only see the prizes getting bigger, and the pokies getting better. Because that’s how the progressive jackpots work, and how the mobile casinos themselves work – the more popular they are, and the more punters head to them to get their pokies fix, the bigger the prizes on offer will be, the higher quality the pokies themselves will be, and the faster those exciting new pokies will hit the mobile casinos, too. It’s a win for everyone (well, everyone who loves to play pokies on their mobile phone and possibly win millions of dollars, anyway…).

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