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A Guide to Baccarat at Crown Casinos Melbourne

Who plays Baccarat?

Baccarat is a game that has a place all its own in the pantheon of Casino Games – it has always been associated with very high stakes and with very high rollers. In Ian Fleming’s books, it is the game favoured by a certain James Bond.

Casinos regularly offer Baccarat in private rooms to accommodate the serious high rollers – so much money is won and lost that casinos feature separate Baccarat entries in their quarterly accounts.

If you fancy a little of the high roller lifestyle for yourself, and a hand or two of this ‘Game of Kings’, we don’t think you can do much better than a trip to Crown Casinos Melbourne. Along with luxury accommodation, fine dining and a great mix of bars, clubs and live entertainment, you’ll find a welcoming venue at Crown Casino that features a good numbers of Baccarat tables.

The Rules of Baccarat

The tables will be of varying sizes, accommodating seven to fourteen players, and will display a Table Limit Sign, so you can choose to play Traditional Baccarat or Crown Baccarat (the only difference is in the odds paid for winning Banker wagers).

The rules of the game are relatively simple, and there will be diagrams and friendly staff on hand to guide you on the finer points. The dealer will deal two hands of two cards each, one designated the ‘Banker’, and the other the ‘Player’. The face cards in the deck and the tens count as zeros in Baccarat, and the number cards as their face value.

Then the numbers in a hand are added together to make a score – importantly, when the score is more than ten, only the second digit is counted, so that a 12 becomes 2, and a 14 would become a 4. If either the Banker or the Player is dealt a hand that scores 8 or 9, this is called a ‘natural’, and no further cards are dealt. Otherwise, further cards are dealt according to the Table of Play (which will be on hand at the table).

Baccarat bets

You can place three types of bets: on a Player win, on a Banker win, or on a Tie. You can place a Tie wager without a Banker or Player wager, or in addition to one or the other. There will be places laid out on the table in front of you in which to place your chips, and when they’re all down, the dealer will start the game.

You’ll find that you get the hang of this quick, compelling game pretty easily, and we can guarantee that at Crown Casino you’ll have the chance to do so in comfort and with excellent service. The dealers are friendly and well-informed, and we found that playing at a table with lots of other casino-goers made for a great atmosphere.

All in all, a great modern venue for this classic Asian casino game!

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