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A Big Pokies Win At All Slots

Thereís no news that we enjoy bringing to these pages more than the news that a punter here in Australia has scooped a massive prize at one of our favourite online casinos.

And itís not just that we feel good for whoever is cashing that massive cheque, or that itís a good sign for the online casinos here in Australia. Weíre always interested to know where and when the big prizes have been landed: itís a pretty reliable way of judging the health of the pokies in general.

So this win, which came to a David M. and was worth more than AU$220,000, is interesting to us for a few reasons. First of all, it was on Treasure Nile, which is one of the Online Pokies thatís on its way to becoming a firm favourite at online casinos all around the web Ė the news of big wins on particular pokies has a way of getting around, and once a pokie has got a reputation for paying out, youíll likely see more players giving it a go.

And this win was at All Slots, which is an online casino that weíve been recommending for as long as we can remember: itís a well-established and high-quality site that has just seen a serious makeover, leaving it fresher, better and easier to use than ever before.

Part of the All Slots overhaul has been the development of a top-quality mobile casino that runs alongside the online casino, but thatís not the only way to enjoy All Slots. David M. is clearly a pretty canny punter, as heís been making the most of all the best ways to experience All Slots: on his smartphone through the mobile casino, and on his PC, too.

Whatís interesting for us is that he apparently came to the mobile casino first, but then expanded his gaming on his PC. There are a couple of ways to go on your PC these days at most of the first-rate online casinos around Ė Instant Play or Premium Download.

Again, David M. apparently gave both a go before settling on the Premium Download casino experience as the one that suited him the best. And he was clearly right, as heís more than AU$200,000 richer as a result.

Weíre not going to tell you the best way for you to enjoy your favourite pokies and Casino Games, but weíre keen for you to know that all the top online casinos we recommend on the site will give you the same options.

You can take your gaming mobile with a mobile casino on your smartphone, play casually on your PC with the Instant Play option, or settle in to an experience thatís optimised for you with Premium Download. Whichever way you choose, the next big winner we report on could be you!

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